Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow! Finally!

Here are some pictures of the snow that's been coming down in big, wet flakes all morning, ending with some snowy art by me, my sister, and my aunt.
This one was of the play set on top of the hill at my grandparent's house, dwarfed by the giant tree next to it and coated in snow. This next one is of the same thing, but from a different angle;
This next one illustrates the way this winter really only hit us today; there's still some leaves on the trees.
And this last one is my personal favorite; I helped make it on the hill right off the highway. It's the family name, with my grandparent's first names below that. We just tromped down the snow with our feet to write it. So much fun :)
I'm sitting in the "&" sign :b

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