Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not chapter 14... but shuffle stories!

You all know what shuffle stories are, right? If you don't, I think I explained them in my very first post on this blog. These are all Leviathan, some only making sense if you've read my fanfic. Also, others have nothing to do with my fanfic. Whatsoever. But I won't tell you which are which, only leave you to guess as to what happens and what doesn't. I'm evil, I know, but you still love me. Muahaha!
Disclaimer: I own not the songs listed or the characters used. So basically nothing.

Lost! -Coldplay
Alek groaned, but cut off painfully.
“Give up now, Prince! You’ve no barking chance!” Deryn shouted, a smile playing across her face. Alek glanced from her face down to their arms, locked in a short stalemate.
“Just because I’m losing doesn’t mean I’ve lost!” he tried to sound confident, but it came out as more of a strangled plea. His arm inched slowly closer to the table. With one last heave, he tried to push the other way, but it ended sadly with his fist cracking against the wood.
Deryn jumped back and pumped a fist in the air. “Ha! Take that, dummkopf!” Alek noticed with a resigned sigh that the girl hadn’t even broken a sweat while it dripped freely down his face. “What, did I hurt your pride?”
“Just because I’m hurting--”
“Aye, doesn’t mean your hurt! You can be as barking philosophical as you want but it doesn’t change the fact you’ll be wearing a dress to the New Year’s Eve party. I’ve got just the parasol for you.” Alek winced. “Face it, Alek. You’ve lost.”
If You See Kay -The Script
“Where is she?” Jaspert’s eyes darted around the chapel at lightning speed. “She should be here by now.”
Alek coughed and adjusted his tie. “Probably the train needs repinned. You know she was never good with dresses,” he said, trying to sound calm for the older man.
“Right. You’re right. Just, if you see her, tell me, ‘kay?” Jaspert bit his lower lip, just as his younger sister did. In fact, as Alek looked next to him, there Deryn was, looking as beautiful as ever in a suit and tie, chewing on her lip furiously.
Suddenly the doors opened and Kaeline strode through. The organ tardily began to play, and the woman stepped down the aisle, not tripping on her dress once. 
“I see her,” Alek said, and Jaspert nodded, blinking a tear from his eye.
When Will My Life Begin? -Tangled soundtrack
Melissa threw the book at the dingy white wall. “It’s useless, Lauren! Completely useless!”
“Now, Liss, it’s not as bad as all that. We’re still young; we’ll have lots of adventures before you know it.”
She groaned. “When will my life begin?” Melissa asked defeatedly.
“Whenever you make it,” with a squeal of excitement, she rushed to the small shared closet. “And I know just how to do that!”
Melissa gave her sister a withering look. “Is this another one of your hair-brained schemes?”
“Yes. And you’re going to love it.” She paused. “Have you ever heard of The Perils of Pauline?”
“You want to be a film star?”
“No! She goes on air balloons and such, doing all this crazy stuff!”
“Oh, that. You know they’d never let one of us do that in real life. That’s a man’s job.” Melissa spat.
“So what if we went somewhere where no one knew who we are? We could be men.”
Melissa stared out the window. “Where would that be?”
“Great Britain! We could use our savings and catch a boat there. Cut our hair and wear pants and spit and curse and all the like! It would be marvelous!”
“And I suppose we could join the British Air Service while we’re at it.” She said drily in the fakest British accent possible.
Her sister whirled, either not noticing the sarcasm or not caring, “Brilliant! This is when our lives have finally begun!”
Zero Gravity -David Archuleta
The wind curled around her fingers like wisps of smoke. She turned to Lauren, “You were right. This is brilliant,” she said in a boy’s voice, British accent and all.
Lauren shrugged. “Of course I was right, Miles. I always am.”
Melissa bumped her shoulder. “Sure, Levi. But really, it feels like nothing could bring me down when I’m up here.”
“Don’t tell me you’re going to start spouting poetic blether.”
Melissa ignored her sister. “It’s like the world just disappears. I get lost in the clouds, and time just stops. The edges fade away, and I’m not afraid of heights as we crash into the sky--”
“Quit your nonsense, Mr. Wilson, and stop dawdling, or we’ll never finish with the rest of the middies!” Lauren heaved herself up along the ratlines.
Melissa didn’t notice the burning in her arms and legs or the sweat trickling down her back. It was like zero gravity for her.
Bring You Down -The Script
His laugh was as cold as the ice shooting past below. “You’ll never win.” He shouted over the wind.
Singe shifted his footing on the air turtle and returned Fitzroy’s glare, “You see, Lance, that’s where you’re wrong. You stand for nothing, so you’ll fall.”
“I stand for everything, it is you who stand for nothing,” Lance Fitzroy spat.
Newkirk shook his head, “Wrong again.”
“How could I possibly be wrong? I could have no better cause to fight for. The Air Service betrayed me, you betrayed me, everyone but myself betrayed me, so now my cause is revenge, Mr. Newkirk!”
“Call me Singe,” he said, watching as the boy’s face lit with fury. “Revenge is the weakest of causes. The slightest push will bring it all crashing down.”
Singe brought up the air pistol in a flash, but he couldn’t look as he pulled the trigger. He heard the outward rush of breath from Fitzroy as he stumbled backward and fell to the cold landscape below.
Viva la Vida -Coldplay
Deryn felt a pang in her chest. “I used to rule world.” He said.
She cast him a sideways glance and squeezed his hand. “Not quite, you daft prince.”
“No, really,” he said, voice riddled with pain. “Everything was perfect. I can’t bear to think that I could be losing it all.”
“No! You’re going to be just fine! Come on, you’ve been shot before!” She began to shake, not from the frigid mountain air but from pure terror.
He laughed, but it cut off into a cough. Blood showed on his purple lips. Deryn wiped it away with the sleeve of her flight suit. “If you die on me, I’ll bring you back to life just so I can kill you myself.”
She knew how desperate she sounded.
“For some reason I can’t explain,” he started, but whatever he said after that was lost in a fit of coughing, and then he went silent.
Tears slid freely down Deryn’s cheeks. They froze there, and she didn’t bother to wipe them off. “We ruled the world together,” she choked.
Gives You Hell -All American Rejects
“Dylan Sharp, we meet again.” Fitzroy fixed her with a cold smile.“Aye, we do,” Deryn said, trying to be pleasant. “Life seems to have arranged itself for you nicely.”“Oh, it has. And you, not even a midshipman anymore. Just a zookeeper.”
Her face stayed impassive, but on the inside her anger was seething like the sea below at how he could seem so nice in front of the captain or a crowd of people but downright nasty with her. Two-faced, her father would have called him.
“It’s nice that we’re on the same ship again at last,” she put barbs in her voice, gently reminding him that she beat him for the spot on the ship when she’d been a midshipman for just over a week.
He took a deep breath, “I guess I’ll be seeing much more of you in the future, Mr. Sharp.”
She simply smiled sweetly at him and said, “Aye, I’m sure you will.” and walked away. Oh, yes, she was going to get hell from him, but she would give it right back.
Talk You Down -The Script
The boy was standing on a small ledge in the flechette bat’s nesting area, looking down at the sea below with a wistful look in his eyes. Deryn knew that look, and her heart beat went in to overdrive.
“Don’t do it, Miles.” She said warningly.
His face stayed impassive. “Why shouldn’t I? My brother is dead, and he was all I had to live for.”
“No. That’s not true, Miles. You have more things to live for than you think. More people living for you. If you jump, you’ll ruin everything you have.” Deryn said in a calming voice, trying to talk the boy down from the ledge.
He whirled on her, the tears glinting in his eyes belying the rage in the rest of his face. “Don’t tell me what I have, Mr. Sharp. You know nothing of what I’ve lost!”
“And you know nothing of my loss, boy.” Deryn met his eyes with a terrible look. “I went down that road once, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to get back, but it taught me that no matter how barking hard life is right now, it will get better. But it can’t if you have no life.”
With one backward look at the sea below, the boy stepped away from the ledge and toward Deryn. “It can’t get any worse, that’s for sure.”
What the Hell -Avril Lavinge
“What the hell?” Alek whirled on her, rage painted on his pale face like a porcelain bowl.
“My thoughts exactly,” Deryn said hesitantly. “Look, I didn’t plan it, Alek! And he didn’t kiss Deryn or even Dylan. He kissed Dalia, and either way she has no feelings for him.”
Deryn could tell that it wasn’t getting through his hard skull, so she did the only thing she knew could convince him otherwise. She grabbed his jacket and spun him around to face her, and planted her lips on his, hard.
When she pulled away, they were both breathless. “See?”
“I’m not quite sure, maybe we should try again?” Deryn punched him on the shoulder, but kissed him once more anyway. What the hell was right, she thought.
I’m Yours -Jason Mraz
The Clanker’s blue-green eyes held his, gold flecks reflecting his own dark brown eyes but turning them a brilliant shade. “My ma always told me,” she started in careful English that made his heart contract, “that just because it wasn’t what you were expecting doesn’t mean it wasn’t everything you were waiting for.”
“I don’t understand what you mean,” Singe said.
“I never expected that I’d have to be up here in the mountains, working alongside men to do what I was destined to do, but it is exactly that, and I couldn’t be happier. I never thought I’d be captured by Darwinists, but here I am, and something feels right about it.”
He hesitated before speaking, “I know what you mean now. I never dreamed that I would want to kiss a Clanker, but here I am, and I’ve never wanted anything more.”
Rachel’s eyes widened, but she let him step forward, “I’m yours.” he whispered softly against her lips, and in that moment he finally felt at home.


  1. Will Alek ever learn what? Be specific, man!

  2. Hey I mean, what they hell, right? Hahaha. I felt like these were little testers (some of them at least) of what is to come. I especially liked 'Talk You Down', I always pictured Deryn would be the one to coax someone out of suicide. I also enjoyed 'Give's You Hell', it makes me look forward to some of the Dylan/Fitzroy tension. Over all, great job as always! I look forward to the real chapter 14! :D

  3. Holy cheese-balls of doom. I loved that Rachel and Newkirk thing. I hope it makes her happy enough to forgive me *looks skeptical* I especially loved the me in there. That was awesome.

  4. *bows* thank you, thank you. Chapter 14 is well on it's way... It will probably be up tonight!